The Epiphany 20 BP

Written by Joe Boland on .


As a new year begins, we pray for the world and its people. We face at this moment in history a whole series of challenges. In so many ways, we are in crisis. Issues around the environment raise serious questions about the future of the planet. We are in danger of losing our sense of what is true and what is untrue. In so many ways, we cannot go on living the way we do. And so, we ask God to pour into our world his Spirit of wisdom…. Lord hear us




And we ask for this gift of wisdom in a very special way for those who exercise political power at this moment in our history. Power has always had the power to corrupt and always will have. In so many parts of the world, we see the rise of leaders who seem to want to take us back to ways of thinking we thought we had left behind in the middle of the last century. And so, we pray for the wisdom we need to challenge this…. Lord hear us




The advances in science and technology over the last fifty years have been truly astonishing. In themselves, most of this has been for our good. But, in the end, it depends how we use them. And so, we pray for the wisdom we need to use the fruits of science and technology well, so that they increase, not decrease, the capacity of every man woman and child on the face of the earth to live a fully human life…. Lord hear us




We all need the gifts of wisdom, understanding and right thinking, but young people today need them in a particular way. Born into a world awash with people selling different versions of the truth, it is very hard for them to sort out truth from falsehood. They are also vulnerable to people who are after their money and use highly sophisticated ways of getting it. And so we ask God to guide our young people today…. Lord hear us




The modern world is a very noisy place where it is not easy to find time and space for silence and reflection. But, without such times it is very easy to live shallow and empty lives. Silence allows us to listen, to ponder, to think things through and to reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing it. It also opens us up to the movement of God within ourselves and we pray for the wisdom that we need to make such times in our lives…. Lord hear us


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