Baptism of Jesus 20 BP

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Many of us here were born into a Church that, for reasons to do with the Reformation, had lost sight of the fundamental importance of baptism. Every baptized person shares in the priesthood of Christ, but an over- emphasis on the sacrament of Holy Orders had obscured this truth. The result has been a Church dominated by ordained priests over baptized priests, and we pray for an end to this distortion of the truth…. Lord hear us




It is very common to hear people in the media say that religion is a private matter. Some religions may be, but not certainly not Christianity. It is not possible to be a genuine Christian in isolation. At the very heart of the Gospel is Jesus’ command to love one another. This means constantly reaching out to others. It means working together to build a more just world, and we pray for the grace to understand this today…. Lord hear us




On the back of this week’s bulletin is a letter from the Ardrossan Short Stay Hostel on Princes Street thanking the group we call CHANA for the help and support they offer to people in need in North Ayrshire. But CHANA  does this on our behalf. Some of those involved are our parishioners. Like the S. V. de P. here in the parish they put the teaching of Jesus into practice here among us, and we pray that more of us will join them…. Lord hear us




For many Catholics in Scotland, going to Mass on a Sunday is a profoundly boring experience they sit through reluctantly, hoping it will be over soon. Thousand have already walked away to find that there are no thunderbolts, the roof does not fall in and life goes on as before. And so, we ask God to open our hearts and minds to see and experience the power of the Eucharist to transform our lives…. Lord hear us




2020 is going to be a time of change here in our own parish. But it is also a time filled with possibilities if we approach it in a faith-filled way. Nearly sixty years ago, the Second Vatican Council called on the Church to rediscover the central role of baptism. But it is only now, as the availability of ordained priests drops, that this is becoming a reality. A new future awaits us, and we pray for the courage to embrace it joyfully…. Lord hear us.




Now let us be silent for a few moments……….






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