Through Lent 2022 with Ignatius of Loyola

Begins Ash Wednesday, 2nd March 2022
A 16th Century soldier turned saint whose life is relevant and inspirational today.

Greetings from the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow. This online retreat is open to all and this year to celebrate the 500 years since the conversion of St. Ignatius Loyola is based on his life. Each day of Lent the retreat will provide an episode from the life of Ignatius, Music, Art, a reading from Scripture and a reflection. Participants can join an online group for a weekly meeting with others to share the fruits of their prayer.  The retreat is available online at, as an App, or a book.  If you could use whatever means of communication you feel is appropriate to pass on the word: newsletters, web-pages, social media, parish notices etc. 

You might even like to organise your own local group. This year the ISC has some face to face groups as well. 

The link to the website is: Click Here