Lenten Reflection

Janette Ferguson and Peter McCluskie will hold a Lenten reflection on Monday 11th April, the Monday of Holy Week, at 7:30pm, in St. Bride's. The format would involve scripture readings, sacred songs and a passage for reflection.

2022 Lenten Booklet

The Church gives us the liturgical year – complete with memorials, feasts, solemnities, and special seasons – to help us to grow spiritually and to live our Christian lives more fully. This is especially true during Lent. In this season, we willingly join Jesus in His sacrifice. He has given us the dignity to be able to share in His work of redemption, a redemption accomplished through sacrifice and love. That’s what gives meaning to our Lenten observances, penances, and sacrifices. When we make this Lenten journey – a journey of love – we can grow in a life of union with the Beloved of our souls, Jesus. May these Lenten reflections will help us all to grow in love and understanding of the Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ.