Synod 2021 - 2023

Pope Francis has asked us, the people of St Bride’s and St Peter’s Parishes, to help him. Not just us, of course, but every parish in every diocese across the world. He wants us to spend some time listening to each other in our parishes. He wants us, individually and together with our families and friends, to ask ourselves what the Holy Spirit wants our  church to be in this Third Millennium. Why us? Our Catholic Faith teaches us that the Holy Spirit speaks through all the members of the Church, lay-people, religious, deacons and priests, bishops and the Pope. Each of us have something to say and he wants to listen. That’s why he recently said “In the one People of God let us journey together, in order to experience a Church that receives and lives this gift of unity, and is open to the voice of the Spirit.

Pope Francis seeks a Church where all can feel at home and participate. He wants us to become a listening Church, to break out of our routine in order to stop and listen, firstly to the Spirit in adoration and prayer, and then to our brothers and sisters, their hopes, the crises of faith around the world, the need for renewed pastoral life. So, Pope Francis needs us, each and everyone of us, priests and people, women and men, young and not so young, church-goers and non-church-goers. Let us all help Pope Francis to fulfil his ministry as our Holy Father......Father Duncan, Parish Priest.

‘Synodality’ is about ‘walking together’. How is our ‘walking together’ in synodality realised today in the Church? What steps does the Holy Spirit invite us to take in order to grow in our ‘walking together’? To help people explore this fundamental question more fully, these themes highlight significant aspects of ‘lived synodality’. Download here.